SWFL On-Site Drug Testing

SWFL On-Site Drug Testing is a company that was created to help companies in the Southwest Florida area save time and money as they manage their drug testing programs.  By bringing the testing process on-site, the biggest savings come because your employees are only off duty for 10 - 15 minutes for the testing procedure.


"MY Shower Door has hired SWFL On-Site Drug Testing for all of our pre-employment screenings.  Being a "Drug Free" workplace, SWFL On-Site Drug Testing easily fulfills our requirements for both pre-employment and random screening procedures.  They are also readily available in the event of a post accident situation where insurance requirements demand immediate testing. I highly recommend SWFL On-Site Drug Testing for any and all drug testing or screening needs."

Bill Daubman, 

Senior VP, MY Shower Door


"Our company is a large landscape management company specializing in communities, commercial properties, and businesses.  

Our employee census rises when everything starts growing in the Spring through late Fall.  It is typical for us to hire 30 - 40 employees in the Spring to accomodate the extra work load.  Since we are a "Drug Free Workplace", this adds another layer of responsibility to our company.

SWFL On-Site Drug Testing has been a "life-saver" for us.  They respond quickly to our drug testing needs, arrive on time, and handle this work load easily and efficiently.  Since a high percentage of our employment applicants do not drive, the mobile drug testing is a "win-win" for all concerned."


Karen Rossborough

Controller for Greenscapes of Southwest Florida